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Candles are Great Presents!

Beeswax Candles
Wax Block Candles and Recycled Candles

Candles can be made a number of ways: with beeswax, wax blocks, and with old candles. Beeswax candles are very nice, and the easiest to make, but expensive. Wax block candles are cheaper to make with more work, but they\'re still as nice as beeswax candles. Last, there\'s old candle candles, which are as much work as wax block candles, but cheaper. Old wax candles often smell weird, because of different smells from different candles.

Beeswax Candles


How to make 3 beeswax candles

To make a multicolored candle, put two sheets of wax on top of each other, offset by 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Other Combinations

Different candles

Wax Block Candles and Recycled Candles

Note: These directions are for Wax Block Candles. If you're making Recycled Candles, "Wax Block" means old candles, and scents and colors are optional.



  1. Take your wax block and chip some pieces off, the amount you want to make into a candle.
  2. Get a pot and put the wax in.
  3. Start melting the wax on low heat, if measuring in 0-hi, then 2-5. If on 3-5, then swirl the melted wax by holding it off the element and shaking the pot gently.
  4. When the wax is half melted, shave some coloring in and squirt some scent in.
  5. When all the wax has melted, pour it into molds with the wick already standing up. Make sure you still have some wax left in the pot. Turn the stove off.
  6. Before it cools, you can try putting thigns in as decorations - shells look very nice.
  7. Wait a few hours, and you'll notice the middle of the candle has sunken an incredible amount. Get some more of the wax you saved, and heat it up. Fill up the hole. You can do this as many times as you want, but two times works well.
  8. After waiting a few hours after the most recent refilling, try pulling the candle out of its mold by its wick. If it doesn't come out, try putting the mold into hot water. Leave the mold in the hot water for half a minute, and try again. The candle should come out.

You can fill about anything with this melted wax - professional candle holders to egg shells and jars. Look below for pictures.

3 blue recycled candles, still drying. It has shells and orange peels in it. This was made from white recycled candles, and made with extra dye to cover the bad colors. The mixed smells can't be covered up, though! 3 recycled blue candles
A 2-color beeswax pillar candle This was made by overlaying two colors.
A fat tapered candle A tapered candle made more short and stubby.
A recycled candle with multiple layers in a glass jar. A recycled candle in a glass jar

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