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Japanese Rope

Japanese rope is very useful and beautiful

An example of a japanese rope

This japanese ropeing technique is very slow, but makes a beautiful rope. You should start with at least 4 colors, then try different variations, since it makes keeping track of the string easier. One of the most important parts is pulling each string with the same force, which comes with practice. After a while, you'll have great-looking and strong ropes.

Start off with a finished cereal box. Choose one that's sturdy if you can, then follow the directions below:

Description Picture
Get a cereal box and cut a circle in it. finished box for cutting circle
Cut a hole in the circle Circle with hole
Cut sixteen holes on the side of the circle. Try your best to cut these the same distance apart and the same amount inward. Circle with sixteen cuts
Get eight strings the same length, four colors is the best. Tie a knot at the end so it doesn't go through the hole when you pull it. String the eight strings through the hole. strings tied and strung through the hole
Seperate the strings into groups of two. If you have four colors (and you're a beginner), sort them by color. There should be two cuts between each group of strings. strings organized on the board
Then follow the picture. Move the bottom string to the top on the right. strings after one movement
Keep following the pictures. strings after some movements
Keep following the pictures. strings after some movements
Now, you've completed one round. Keep doing it, and soon you'll start to see a rope at the bottom! strings after some movements