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Mid-US Earthquake

This would be disasterous!

An earthquake in the middle of the United States? Doesn't seem too probable. But it's actually surprisingly probable. Scientist believe that it is possible, because stalagmites in caves can actually date catastrophic earthquakes. The way stalagmites date earthquakes is by drilling through the center of the stalagmite and cut off a "paper thick" sized piece and with a very strong microscope, you can see a fault line of were a major earthquake happened. They believe this method is true is because when the most catastrophic earthquake in the United States happened in 1811 through 1812 scientist could see a visible fault line through a microscope.

But why in the middle of America? Most people think that California is where dangerous earthquakes happen. What causes on earthquake anyway? An earthquake is caused by 2 plates, (such as the Pacific plate and the continental plate of North America rub together untill they stop moving. And because of the very strong tension, the 2 plates finally move apart violently causing an earthquake. But evidence like this dosen't mean that earthquakes don't happen because their is a major fault line on the edge of the Pacific ocean. Their is a too a fault line extending to Mississippi to Missouri. Evidence for this is in 1811-1812, not 1 but 3 major earthquakes happened in Missouri. Locals reported that the Mississippi River slightly "changed shape" to what it is today. Their was sand and gyisers shooting up warm water and fiser were forming in the ground. Most of the fiser were so large that people were afraid they would fall in! According to a report in 1812, 8 indians apparently fell into the opening and shutting of the earth. The earthquake was felt from Canada to Mexico; over a thousand miles away.

Today an area called the New Mandrid seismik zone is carefully monitered by scientist by earthquake tools. In Missouri the ground is shaking almost every day! Their are about 200 earthquakes per year. Although 92.3% of those earthquakes are very small to be felt by humans. But there is no visible fault line. But according to 1 theory, plate tetonics. About 2 million years ago the North American Plate was being pulled apart, which created a rift. Eventuly, the 2 plates stopped to break apart, which created a weak spot in the earth's crust. So the ground is more vonerable to quakes. Right now scientist Beitris Mahani is graphing out the earth crust under the Mississippi River. She says, the river is a very good place to study the weak spot by sending sound waves to the bottem of the river. It gives her a better understanding to see the terain at the rift to predict an importaint earthquake. Buildings in Mississippi are very weak and won't survive the magnitude of the great earthquake. They reamin unaware of this colosal earthquake. They wait unprotected to face the mega earthquake.

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