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Apophis Asteroid

Depiction of Apophis' path

An asteroid hitting the earth in 2036? Dosen't seem too likely. But according to scientist, it actually was very likely. In 2004, astronomers saw a fast-moving object heading towards earth. Scientists believed that it was on a collision course with earth, going to crash soon. For a long time, there was %27 chance that it would crash, but later, because of objects on it's path, it's only a 1 in a 45,000 chance. A 13 year old German boy found some miscalculations in NASA's work, but it turned out that NASA was correct.

The asteroid is appropriately the size of the Rose Bowl. What would happen if the asteroid crashed into some land? Supposing it crashes into southern California, the asteroid would damage several counties, such as San Diego. There would probably be a crater a few miles in diameter, and kill millions of people. If it crashed into the ocean, results wouldn't be any prettier. It would create a super tsunami, maybe even killing billions of people.

Nasa is already trying to develop ways to try to drive off the asteroid. Many people believe blowing-up the asteroid will get rid of it. But that is a very bad way to drive off an asteroid, because then, instead of having one horrible case, you have a few hundred horrible cases. You have debris from the asteroid all over. A very smart way to drive off the asteroid would be to try to drag the asteroid a little off course. Although it probably won't happen, NASA will probably still send up a deflection probe, demonstrating this technique now in order to assure the public that in a worst-case-scenario, we'd be okay. There's probably still a few hundred more asteroids heading our way, that we don't know about. So for right now, the most important part is to look for more, and act when we're sure we need to.