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CCD: Colony Collapse Disorder

When you first hear the word bee the first words that come to your mind are dangerous, annoying and unresourceful. But bees are an importaint part of our ecosystem. If their were no bees, their wouldn't be any flowers or honey. Distrubing reports from around the world have reported bees missing and not comming back from their hives. CCD (colony collapse disorder) is a new problem. Now, a lot of the time, when a worker bees go out from the hive to gather nectar, they are unable to find their way back to hive and they die out in the cold and unprotected. Beekeepers had suddenly realised this phenomina in early 2006. Since then keepers in Europe are starting to experience this same problem with their bees. Later people in Isreal and Tiwian have realised this in late 2007. Experts believe that the reason for this is because of dangerous pestacides. Also cell phone radiation has also caused dissapering of the bees. A German scientist tried an experiment be putting a cell phone in a hive and rang it. When he checked the hive after the results weren't pretty. Bees are not comming back from their polloning sites and die in the wild.

When the queen honeybee lays eggs after a 3 week period, they go doing their job as a forager. When the little bees come from their trip, if their is an abundant food source, they do a "dance" to the rest of the pollonators. By the sounds she produces, she is telling the other bees were the good food source is located. People say that with this cricis with all of the pollonators dissapering, this is more serious than global warming. Because 3/4 of all plants on the planet depend of pollionators to pollonate these plants. Unless you want to eat corn, rice and wheat, then we need bees. With this disaster, we now are getting regular shipments from Aulstralia for bees. The way bee keepers know if a colony isn't doing well, the amount of honey can tell us alot. If a colony is doing well, rich, crisp and golden honey is produced. If a colony is failing because of CCD, the honey will be hard and bitter. Most countries around Europe are suffering the bee cricis. In the Southern Swykian Provence, 98% of all bees have dissapeared because of pestacides. Now in the provence, you will see human polonaters pollonating trees. We are experiencing the most dangerous cricis globaly. We won't make it long without bees.