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Constellation Program Canceled

Obama decided that he wanted to cancel the NASA constellation program a while back. Constellation is the program that NASA was going to use to bring the United States back to the moon. It was being built to be safer, after the Colombia and Challenger accidents. Congress postponed the cancelling of the program temporarily, because it wasn't totally legal for Obama to just stop the program like that.

NASA has already put $9 billion into the Ares I rocket. There was supposed to be two rockets, Ares I and Ares V. In space, they were going to connect. Ares I had a launch abort tower, to rescue astronauts if the rocket was going to explode, like the Colombia and Challenger rockets. In fact, NASA got to actually fly the first test part of Ares - Ares I-X. They almost got to stopping the Space Shuttle by the end of 2010.

However, Charlie Bolden, the NASA director, ended up stopping the program. He said that the Constellation program was sucking up too much money. Ares I was already over-budget and the launching of the Ares I-X was a few months late. Charlie Bolden said that the project was using needed money for the last 10 years, and was already behind schedule.

Bus Cramer is trying to keep Constellation going. He figures that he wants to se people on the moon again, and that the US has already spent $9 billion on it. If we didn't want it, we should have gotten rid of Constellation before, not now.

Ares I-X launching. This image is in the Public Domain, because it has been released by NASA.