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Obama says that calories must be listed now

Obama decided that from now on, all big restaurant chains must post the calories for their foods. This has already happened in New York City, and now it applies everywhere. When you go to McDonald's, you'll know exactly how many calories are in your cheeseburger. Every vending machine must do this, too. You'll know that there's more than one-fifth of your daily calories in a Snickers bar.

Many people and doctors like this, because people will start to understand that a McDonald's cheeseburger pretty much is one meal alone. “I think it is an historic development,” said Kelly D. Brownell. Most people have no idea that some Starbucks drinks have more than 400 calories.

Some people point out that although people will know they're eating most of their daily calories, there's no proof that it'll make them stop eating it. They point out that most of the people who care already don't eat high calorie foods. Also, they point out that food is more than just calories. The fats and other things also contribute to how bad the foods are.

No one can deny, however, that 11-18% of your daily calories is a bit much for a Starbucks latte, and 15% is a lot for one 4oz. McDonald's cheeseburger.