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Florida Farmers decide to destroy crops

Have you noticed how low strawberry prices are at your grocery store? Do you think it's great? It is for you... but not for the farmers. What is a pretty situation for you is a horrible situation for the farmers.

Strawberries are normally sold for around $1.00 per pound. There recently was very cold weather in Florida. Strawberry plants are startled by this, and make more crops. Therefor, there's too many strawberries in the market now, that strawberries are at $0.25 per pound! At that price, farmers lose money. Now, most Florida strawberry farmers are plowing their strawberries. Selling them would make the farmers lose money, so it's cheaper to destroy the crops.

Many people are upset about this, though. It's perfectly good food, being chopped up to rot away. Many people need that food. The farmers could just leave the farm open for people to take strawberries.

Many strawberry places do this. However, most farms do not. If someone got hurt on the farm, the farm would be liable.

One farm did this, though. It's letting anyone come to take all the strawberries they want. Many people are happy about this, especially because they get free strawberries.

People living around the farms are very upset, though. During the cold season, farmers kept the water on to keep the plants from freezing. Wells dried up, and sinkholes appeared. Houses got destroyed. People figure that if the farmers destroyed their house to make strawberries, then the farmers shouldn't throw the strawberries away.

Strawberry growers in other states have to wait to see where the strawberry prices go. It's up to us … and you. Buy and eat lots of strawberries, because it may raise the prices, so other states don't go through the same thing.