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Baja California Earthquake

What does that earthquake mean to us?

First Hati, then Chile. Now, Mexico and California. Why are there so many earthquakes recently?? Maybe California will be destroyed by the big one.

The Big One

Californians are worried about a big earthquake that might ruin California. In San Diego, a canyon called Rose Canyon has a fault. People in that area (the Golden Triangle, or UC) are worried that the fault will destroy many houses and buildings. Considering how close the fault is to many people, it's reasonable to be scared.

This weekend, Sunday, a big earthquake shook Southern California. The earthquake was actually in Mexico, but all of Southern California probably felt it. It wasn't especially big, but the fact that it was long scared people. Normally, you don't notice there's an earthquake until the earthquake is over. The earthquakes keep coming, too. In the image beside, you'll notice how many earthquakes there are in the area.

Baja California should have gotten a little more exposure, being a 7.2. That's the same as the Hati earthquake. But almost nothing got destroyed. Houses and roads got cracked, but so far there has been very little deaths. This is because of the more strict building regulations in California and Baja California - a lot more strict than Hati's.

Baja California Earthquakes

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