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Editorial:We should move off of petroleum.

On the day before Earth Day, an explosion on a semi-sub oil rig caused an oil spill.

We should really move off of fuels such as petroleum. They destroy the environment when we burn them, first off. Second, we don't have much left. Third, we get in fights with other countries over oil (like Iraq and Iran). And last, we drop a lot of it in our precious oceans.

Take the Exxon Mobil for example. It spilled 11 million gallons of perfectly good oil into the ocean. It killed lots of coral and fish. That's enough to around 30,100 cars (around 20mpg) 20 miles per day every day for a year. If you're enviromently friendly and have a Toyota Prius, then you can drive 550 million miles with that.

More recently, there was an explosion on a semi-sub oil rig. It started burning on April 21 (2010), and sank April 23, meaning it burned all through Earth Day (April 22). The well it was pumping has now gotten a leak, which could be spewing crude oil at up to 336,000 gallons/day. Rounding that to three hundred thousand, you and your 1,180 friends could drive from east to west and back across the USA every day.

So buy flex fuel vehicles. Get vehicles that are built to be able to handle ethanol, methanol, gasoline, diesel, biodeisel, and other alternate fuels. For example, the Prius can handle gasoline, ethanol, and methanol, although methanol is not suggested. For information, questions and comments, contact us.