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Gardening and Plants

Sweet Basil

A fun project for any age!

Gardening can take patience and diligence, but it teaches responsibility and the results can be wonderful.Gardening is a great project to start in late spring, right before summer vacation. Vegetables and melons usally are ready to harvest between 2-5 months (with some exceptions, like Onion, Artichoke, and Radishes). Herbs are useful, and some like basil, can be an indoor plant planted in a pot. Herbs tend to be annuals, and can produce flowers and seeds.

Desert plants are very hardy and can be well suited for dry climates and people who don't have the time to water every day. Most desert plants have the property where if a branch falls off, that broken limb can start growing on its own in soil (similar to bamboo and seastars).

Flowers are attractive, and small ones can be grown in a pot. Perfect for laying on your doorstep or by the window!