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pH of Soil

Maintaining a good pH of your soil is very imporatnt.

The pH of your soil is very important. It's how much acid or base is in your soil. If your soil is too acidic or basic, it will kill some trees. Soil should have a pH of 6-7.5. Neutral has a pH of 7. Most soils are good, but if your plants are having trouble, spending a little money on some pH paper is worth it.

Measure the pH of your soil

Measuring the pH of your soil is quite easy. First, you must purchase pH paper, also known as pH sticks, pH measurers, etc, with a link on the side. THen, get some soil from the place you want to measure (if it's a large area, take a little from everywhere). Mix some distilled water with the dirt, until it's like syrup. Let it sit for a while. Then, let a pH stick stay inside for a few minutes. After a few minutes, let it rest for a little, and then rinse off dirt with some distilled water. Then match the color with colors on the box.

Fixing the pH

If the number is above 7.5, you must make it more acidic. If the number is below 6, you must make the soil more basic. Professional gardeners use Lime if soil must be made more basic, and Sulfur if soil must be made more acidic. However, you may use household items for this, although Lime and Sulfur work better. To make soil more base, you can add baking soda. If you plan to do this, you should go to Costco and buy a 12 lb. bag of baking soda. It normally costs $4.75. To make soil more acidic, you can add coffee grinds mixed with vinegar. Coffee grinds are mildly acidic, and vinegar will make it more acidic.

Apply this regularly, and check on the pH of the soil every once and a while (1-4 weeks). Keep in mind that vegetables like a pH between 6.8-7.5, trees and grass like 6-6.8, and every once and a while, there's a plant that likes a pH below 6. If there's any instructions about the pH of the soil on trees and seeds packets, follow that.