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What conditions do carrots like?

Carrots do well in very warm conditions and cold, but are delicate and need the right amount of water. They don't do well if the water is too moist, they will fall down. And if the soil is to dry, they dry up (in hot sun). In the cold, the carrot will not be as sweet, but as long as there's there's no serious frost, they will be fine. And of course, you need carrots in your garden, along with lettuce and tomatoes.

Plant Carrots ¼'' deep in good, moist soil. If you're planning on transplanting them, they don't transplant very easily and normally die. If you transplant it, you probably need to get the whole root, and with some soil. If you don't get the whole root, it normally dies in a day or two.

One different thing to do in your garden is to plant colored carrots. Carrots come in all different colors; orange, white, yellow, and purple (sometimes blue). Colored carrots don't taste any different, but they are nice to get, and are great to show your friends how great of a gardener you are. And if your kids like carrots, purple carrots would be great to grow for them. Buy some purple carrot seeds here.