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corn sprout

Learn how to grow organic corn!

Corn is a very tasty vegetable, that needs a lot of nitrogen. Growing organic corn actually is very hard, since you can't use any ammonium nitrate fertilizer. There are many types of maize, the official name of corn. There's popcorn, sweet corn, commodity corn, and some others (like Indian corn). Click here to learn about commodity corn.

Plant corn 1 ½ (one and a half) inches deep. If you don't want to grow organic corn, first put lots of fertilizer in the ground unless there is very fertile soil. If you want to grow organic corn, you should have very fertile soil. If you don't, put some organic matter (wood chips, dead tomato plants, etc.), in, wait at least a month, and then try growing the corn.

When growing it the organic way, start sprouting some beans or alfalfa. After the corn has sprouted, plant the sprouted beans or some bean seeds right beside it. Try to make a circle around the corn plant with 10 beans (you can make more circles). Beans are very important because the fix nitrogen, and as explained before, corn needs a lot of nitrogen. If you aren't growing organic corn, then try to give it nitrogen 2 more times. Once in the middle, and once when it starts growing flowers.