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Desert Plants

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Desert Plant Flowering

Desert plants grow great in dry climates!

If you live somewhere dry, you might want to plant desert plants. A lot of desert plants have very beautiful flowers, like the one above. If you have a canyon or some large piece of land that might catch on fire, you can plant succulents there. Then, if the canyon catches on fire, you still have a small barrier of succulents.

When you decide what succulent you want to grow, go find some and rip off a piece. Make sure that it's a relatively big piece. If it grows on a vine or branch, like below, rip it off on the stem or vine, not on the leaf.

Then put it into some water. Keep the water clean, and the plant should grow roots soon. Then you can plant it. It's just like a seastar. It's that simple. And, it works quite well. The only thing that's a problem is if you leave the desert plant outside for a day, then it might not sprout. Other than that, you're good to go!