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Drought Tolerant Flowers

Wildflowers and drought tolerant flowers and shrubs are essential to your garden if you live in a wildflower prone zone. They can provide some protection form fire, don;t cost a high watering bill, (some) can grow in poor soil, and are attractive, too.

California Poppy

California's state flower

Plant in the spring after the frost or in November into the garden with full sunlight(Poppies are hard to transplant because they havve deep roots) Poppies grow even in poor soil with low nutrients. Prepare the growing area by pulling out weeds, clearing a patch around two square feet. When planting, stir the seeds with a little bit of soil or sand and lightly cover the area with the mixture. The seeds shouldn't be covered with soil more than half a centimeter thick. Add a little bit of fertilizer, depending on the soil. Water about every two days until sprouts. When they sprout, water less to once or twice a week.