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Mint is a very easy to grow herb!

Mint is a sweet smelling plant that can be grown almost anywhere. It requires a lot of sunlight, so it is a good idea to grow it outside or near a window. You can use mint for spicing salads, tea, and exotic dishes.

Mint can be found in some garden stores, but before you go out and buy a large and expensive plant, remember that in a couple of weeks even a small plant with only 5 or 6 leaves can almost double its size. When the mint has grown a couple of stalks, you can rip one part of the plant carefully out of the ground with its roots to plant somewhere else.

When you plant your mint outside, remember to do it after the frost and snow in the spring (if you’re not worried about the frost and/or snow if there is any). If you plant mint in a garden, remember that mint is actually a kind of weed and can take up a lot of space. If you want it inside, you can plant it any time of the year in a big pot. Depending on how long the roots are, dig a hole to completely cover up the roots. Water the mint when you see that the soil is starting to dry up.

There are many types of mint. The most common that you will find are peppermint and spearmint. Some of the other types of mint are below.

Types of mint herb

  • Forest mint
  • Garden mint
  • Horse mint
  • Slender mint
  • Asian mint
  • Australian mint
  • Corn mint
  • Wild mint
  • Japanese peppermint
  • Apple mint
  • Pineapple mint
  • Gray mint
  • Wrinkled-leaf mint
  • Field mint
  • Bergamot mint
  • Corsican mint
  • Curly mint

All of the herbs above are the regular types. There are a lot more breeds between the different types.