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Some Picked Oregano

A herb that smells so good...

Oregano is a tasty herb, that you probably know of. Like all herbs, it's great to grow in a pot, in the house in the winter, and with your garden in the summer. Oregano is unique because, along with majoram, thyme, lavender, and catnip, it lasts for more than a year. If you take care of it carefully, making sure not to use too many leaves at a time, your oregano might last more than 3 years! Alternatively, you could grow the oregano, and pull all the leaves off.

What am I going to use it for?

Oregano is most recognizable as a spice on pizza. It's also in a lot of tomato sauces. It's great to put in any dish that's gooey or soup. Oregano also tastes good on some salad/pasta dressings, if you make your own dressings.

Growing Oregano

  1. Sprinkle the seeds in soil or seed starter, preferrably moist. Where to plant
  2. Keep the soil moist, as herbs generally like moist soil. Be careful with the sprouts, as they're delicate. If you choose to transplant, make sure not to rip the roots.
  3. Make sure you don't pick too many leaves, and don't pick to early. You don't want your plant to die.
  4. Pick off flowers. This will encourage the plant to grow. It's similar to basil.