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Tomatoes need lots of water!

bean and tomato

Tomatoes are very tasty and are one of the symbols of a garden. So if you're wondering what to plant, think about tomatoes. Plant seeds indoors in a small pot. The temperature of the soil should be warm (around 70°), but not not too warm. Once it becomes about 2cm tall, you can plant it outside. When starting it, it is a good idea to start it in a very fertile soil such as a seed starter. Tomatoes do not do well in dry, hot climates, like southern California. If you live in a dry, hot climate, try to put it in some shade. If there's no shade, then you need to water it a lot. Tomatoes need a lot of water, and even if you water it a lot in hot sun, some leaves might still die.

tieing a tomato to a stake

Plant the seeds about ¼'' deep. When the plants get big enough, they will start sagging, or almost falling over. Then you need to get a stake. There is another type of stake that you can use, but if you're growing a lot, it's more practical to use a stake. Put the stake into the ground so it's firm, and tie the tomato plant to the stake. And in around 80 days, you'll have some fresh tomatoes! You can contact us here for suggestions