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7 chord (V7)

Why is the 7 chord so important?

You see the 7 chord very often, but what is it's use? Well, first of all, there are may versions of the 7 chord. The most common is a major chord with a minor 7. So, a G7 chord would be like the picture on the side. There are other versions of G7, too. There's GM7 or G Major 7, which is the G chord with a major 7. Then there's a Gm7, or g minor 7, which is a g minor chord with a minor 7. Then there's G half diminished, also known as Gm7-5, Gm7♭5‚ G minor-diminished, and probably some other names. The G half-diminished chord is a dimished G chord with a minor 7. Then, the last one, Gdim7, or G diminished 7, is a diminished G chord with a diminished 7.

A G7 chord

Listen to all the G7 chords below

Below is a demo of how to change from C major to G major.

So still? Why is the 7 chord so important? Well, because it's used in changing keys in songs. Let's say you're playing a song in C. And then you decide that you want to change to G major. So you play the V7 of the key that you want to change to next. Then it feels like you need to go to G. Listen to it on the side. And this works for almost any type of western music (It doesn't account for Asian music and other types of music).