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Diminished scale

What is a diminished scale?

A diminished scale, also known as an octatonic scale, is a very unique scale. First, it has 8 notes! And a lot of the notes have a double flat. It is shown below.

Regular Diminished Scale Simplified Diminished Scale

Regular diminished scale

Simplified diminished scale

You rarely use the Diminished scale, but you use diminished chords very often. For example, sometimes when reading from a lead sheet, you can see something like G#dim7. When in a key such as G minor, you rarely use I or Vdim7. In some songs in D minor, you see a G#dim7. Below, there is a demo of a C diminished scale, a Cdim chord, and a Cdim7. An interesting fact about the Diminished scale is symetric. That means that if you flipped the scale around, it would still be a diminished scale. The diminished scale was probably "invented" in the 7th century in Persia.

The diminished note of a major scale is the 7th. It is noramally shown as VII°. The symbol in HTML is °. If you have any suggestions, you can contact us here.