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What is a suspension? A suspension is when you play something that starts with a chord that really dosen't go with the song, and later resolves itself. It creates an unique feeling that is in a lot of songs. A simple one is playing Gsus4 + G. This is seen in a lot of songs, although it normally isn't obvious. For example, in Mozart's Sonata K.545 movement no. 1, there is a section which is shown on the side. Suspensions are used in almost all western music, sad and happy.

A section from Mozart's K545 and a midi file of the section above

A suspension doesn't always have to be a 4-3 one(A 4-3 one is a sus4-I). It can be a 7-6, and a 9-8. Suspensions almost always go down, but sometimes go up. On the side, there is a 4-3, 7-6, and a 9-8 suspension. You can ask questions and suggest things in our contact us page